Corniche Furs Can Transform Your Older Fur Garments

Corniche Furs not only offers the finest, most luxurious furs in New York, but we also take great pride in restyling/remodeling your existing fur garment into something fresh, modern and chic. There are many available options in remodeling your fur garment. Corniche Furs can transform your older fur garments into a sleek sheared, modern design. We have luxurious fur lined raincoat styles, or even other configurations such as fur hats, fur blankets, or fur headbands. Restyling your old furs is both a smart and economical way to update your outdated fur to a stylish fur design that will give your old garment a new, luxurious lease on life. Contact us at to revitalize your fur coat.

Corniche Group

222 West 30th Street

New York, NY 10001


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