What you should know about storing with Corniche:


We offer Free Pick UP CAll 212-239-8655


  • All furs and garments are stored on premises in our state of the art, air conditioned and humidity controlled vaults here in NYC.

    NOT sent to an out of state warehouse as the majority of our competitors do! It is important to ask WHERE your fur coats are being stored. (Chances are THEY don't even know!)


  • All fur coats are picked up and delivered by our own personnel in company owned vans with hanging racks.  
    NOT thrown in the trunk of the car.


  • All furs and fur garments are tended to, examined and cleaned by our our own experienced and trusted staff.

    NOT contracted out to hourly and seasonal workers who know nothing about the fur business.


  • And all fur work and fur cleanings are done on premises.

Corniche Group

222 West 30th Street

New York, NY 10001


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